” I looked outside and saw the storm. The rain drenched him; the wind whipped him. But I couldn’t go out there. I would stay inside, close my eyes, drink wine, maybe even cry. But I would stay inside. For I knew, above all else, the storm out there was his. Not mine.”

I spent years helping someone who begged to be pulled from his own storm. Then one day I realized…you move your rocks and I will move mine because he was creating the storm for himself. He was setting the boulders in his life path with his attitude and there was not a damn thing I could do to change that.

Sometimes self-love is as simple as saying, You move your rocks, I’ll move mine. Because I will support you and cheer you on as you help yourself but I can’t make things all better for you and sometimes self-love is knowing when someone is happiest with the storm and you need to remove yourself from that place.  After 20 years, I chose to remove myself.  I found a calm unknown for years and a peace I had lost many years ago trying to help him through his storms.

I left his storms behind and created a rainbow instead.  Not a tangible one, but one in my mind because I had found my calm after the storm.

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