There is no doubt that building self-esteem can be difficult. Not only do you start on a foundation of sand but it usually stems from past experiences that we need to confront and let go of and that work can be messy and difficult. An emotional roller coaster.

But just imagine the things we could do if we, as women, believed in ourselves. Our foundation would go from sand to rock and we would stand solid in who we are…sometimes needing a little reminder from our friends but ultimately living the life God wanted us to live.

Instead of going to bed thinking about your failures, think about all that you did right that day. Maybe it was as simple as making your child stop crying. Don’t wake up thinking about how to wrong your rights from the previous day. That day is gone. Wake up ready to face a new day and think about all you are going to do. You only fail if you don’t attempt.

Start small….create a vision…learn to love and trust yourself…socialize….set goals…forgive yourself for not being perfect….stop comparing yourself to others…accept compliments graciously and give them often to others.

God makes some beautiful creatures. Look in the mirror…YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

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