A narcissist will often diagnose you with things because they’re compelled from deep within to conceal deficits or weaknesses in their self-image  They habitually redirect any unfavorable appraisal of themselves on to you or those closest to them.

When someone else diagnoses you, you are essentially assuming that they know the subtleties that diagnosis constitutes.  There can be tremendous negative repercussions on your self-esteem, your relationships, and your reality if you allow someone else to diagnose you, and quite frankly, no one should be diagnosing anyone without the proper background.

So what do you do if someone “diagnoses” you?  Listen to what they have to say if they are someone you love and respect. Reflect on it. Self-evaluate, but don’t dwell. Only you know your reality and you will waste your breath trying to change their reality of their diagnosis of you.

If they raise good points, seek professional help. Get an educated opinion but if you can’t own it, then don’t. I spent years allowing someone to tell me I was the one that needed help and I believed it. Even when a counselor told me I didn’t need help…that it wasn’t me…I did not believe them. I found a new counselor and kept changing because I believed the narcissist and I wanted to make him happy.  Then one day I self-reflected, and I realized that I could not own his diagnosis of me.  I started to heal and slowly remove myself from his diagnosis of me.  I wasn’t going to allow him to make me feel imbalanced any more.  I came to the point where I knew I was balanced  and I wasn’t going to allow him to manipulate me into thinking it was me anymore.  He either had to face his own demons or leave me alone but he wasn’t allowed to diagnose me anymore.

Sometimes being empowered is simply saying, I do not need to be fixed, I am not broken. That doesn’t mean you are not a work in progress and that you will not self-reflect when you need to, it simply means, unless you are qualified to do so, please do not diagnose me.


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