What does it take to make you blossom and grow in a relationship? I think that often we go into relationships not knowing what we need and that our expectations are far too high for another person to meet. I’m a pretty basic person. You need to water me. For me that is communication. I need fertilizer. Tell me you love me, care about me and miss me. You need to give me the sun. That would be your presence in my life and if you really want me to blossom, approach me with a passion for love and life.

As you heal, you need to know what you need so that you can move forward into a better life and leave your abuser far behind.  We are not talking about high expectations but we are talking about not settling for someone who won’t try to meet your basic needs.  What do you need from yourself and your next relationship to grow?  First, answer that within yourself because you are responsible for your own growth and then ask yourself what you need from a partner.  You deserve to have what you need.  Not only from yourself but from the next person in your life.

Start making your list…it’s time to blossom!

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