Unseen, unheard, unwanted.  Heavy sadness fills your soul.  You are trapped in misery and lost in sorrow with no light and your abuser has no light to offer you.  You are drowning.  Trying to pull yourself up and keep your head above water, ahead of the emotions, but they have their foot just enough on your head to keep you struggling and gasping.  Grasping for the “bone” they may throw you that shows love or kindness.  Love threatens your very existence.  The same love that was supposed to be your partner, lover, best friend.  Hopelessness fills your chest every morning when you awake.  Another day.  Another day to survive.

You don’t walk away from abuse and overcome it.  It doesn’t happen that way.  You have to take positive steps every single day.  You need to start and implement self-care patterns for yourself that are positive and healthy.

One small action, even the tiniest possible step is progress.  Do it for yourself so you can improve your circumstances and outlook.  These self-preservation actions will create ripples that will continue to strengthen you which will lead to success that you can celebrate and empower yourself with.

Achieve small things.  Start today to improve something about your situation.  Be joyful, seek enlightenment and strengthen yourself.

Your past does not define you.  Your abuser does not define you.  It is time to move into the present.  This is your chance to define yourself and light a path to your new life.

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