Risk.  The real risk is not playing games at all. There comes a time when you realize you are not dealing with a normal human being and you need to play the game in order to get out of the situation.  Get your things in order.  Your papers copied.  A place to live.

Mental games are a form of abuse.  The games your abuser uses are deliberate attempts to psychologically manipulate you.  The mind game language is designed to confuse you and keep you from guessing your abuser’s true objective.  You know mind games are being played if:

  • The abuser questions all your judgements;
  • The abuser responds with lies in an attempt to manipulate your clarification of their mixed emotions;
  • Their goal is to get others aligned with their viewpoint that you are pathetic,untrustworthy and your views irrelevant.

It is important to recognize that slowly, one tactic at a time, they are brainwashing you and it can take YEARS to see it and recognize the pattern.

Their mind games will leave you in doubt as to whether you are really being abused. You feel like you are going crazy. It’s a very fearful position to be in. They are masters at fabricating the truth.  For example:  One time, on the way home from my in laws, I saw my ex’s car at a bar where his friend Ray worked. I was glad to see it as I had left my sweater in his car  and wanted to to retrieve it. I got out, grabbed my sweater out of his car and went home. Later after he came home, he flat out denied being there even after I told him I went into this car and produced my sweater for him. It was no big deal to me that he was there.  I trusted him and he deserved some time to himself.   I just wanted him to know I was in his car. What became a big deal for me was his need to deny it and the lie.

You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You are not allowed to be human and express your feelings. It is all of part of the game. If you do, your mentally unstable and need help. Not being able to express yourself in anyway  kills you slowly and is a part of the game.

Mind games are abusive and controlling and not to be taken lightly. If I had caught on sooner, I would have gotten out sooner. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is to not play the game. Until you can get out, be on your game. Be aware. Be present and play dumb and whatever you do, don’t allow anyone to make you feel you’re going crazy. Remember, it is a form of brainwashing and it happens slowly over time. Be on your game!

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