AUGUST 5, 2012

I spent some time up in the “man cave” today. It used to be my “wedded” bedroom. The boys were reading their Nooks and I was lying on the futon and I realized that I have always loved that room but had grown to hate it. I’ve been downstairs for a while now and have made the space my own. On my vanity sits the pictures of my two best male friends, one with his wife who I love as much as him. The paint has been changed and the once hostile atmosphere of a room I was never allowed to really be in is calm and peaceful and holds happy memories. And that is what today was about. Being peaceful in a room upstairs that was once not so peaceful. It’s amazing how children, no matter how old, can change a room. How people can change the dynamics of a house. A house that once held so much pain is now, finally harboring great memories and love.  It’s a more settled and calm place. And I look forward to making more new memories and someday sharing them with someone else. And all it took was a little love, a lot of help and prayers…definitely prayers.

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