What I love most about my life right now is who I share it with.

I have been fortunate enough to share my life with many amazing people.  Some of those people went with the narcissist like property.  They chose a side due to family or work obligations and I respect that. Some of my closest friends fell off the earth during my divorce or walked away after I decided to write about my abuse.  I respect that.  What I did that is different from some people is I embraced the change as God’s will.  I let them go.  I tried to understand first.  I tried to open dialog and listen and communicate but when that failed, I let it go. Not everyone is ready to accept honesty or ready to be as honest as I am.  It’s hard.  Especially when they are people you are close to or have had a relationship with your whole life but God has his plan and he will take care of you.  So I put it in the hands of God.  I had faith and hope and what I find right now in my life is that God has provided me with exactly who should be in my life right now.  I am blessed beyond measure and I woke up this morning knowing that what I love best about my life right now is who I share it with.

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