Building a connection with someone is woven into us. It is a natural part of our existence. We are meant to live in happiness and while you are responsible for your own happiness, it is still intricately tied to others. When you find the right lover, a best friend that you long for, it awakens our hearts. Our own happiness comes from our spirit within us. You no longer hold back or play small, but instead, your spirit soars because of what they bring to your life. Because of how they understand you and embrace your spirit. This is powerful because in this relationship you do not abandon yourselves but instead, ebb and flow with each other with no worries about whether it is right or wrong because intuitively you both know it is right.

It’s an amazing feeling.  Give yourself permission to make that connection and feel what a normal relationship feels like.  Don’t let one blip on the radar of your life keep you from being truly and completely happy with yourself or another human being.


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