Looks like I’m going to have to take down my blog. Strongly advised by my attorney. And he agrees, Domestic Abuse is a silent killer.  The targets are often the one’s who have to remain silent when the abuser gets the law involved.  This was never about bashing. It was about MY experience and helping others. If it sounds like bashing then imagine how it was to live it!

I don’t want to take $2000 away from my children to fight the narcissist on this.  That is what the retainer is because his attorney likes to inundate the other side with paperwork.  Remember narcissists  love the legal system because they love conflict.  I just can’t spare that money when it means taking it away from my children.  My boys are more important than the blog.

That’s all for now. I need time to think about how to handle all those that are following me and who are looking for validation.  Remember, this was not unexpected by me and it is just another tactic to control.  So let me think on how to handle this and then I will blog about how I am overcoming this setback.


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