JEOPARDIZE is an important word…

… when it comes to domestic abuse.  So many different things can be said.  The following are examples but are not limited to only these mentioned:

  • Funding to fight domestic abuse can be jeopardized
  • Your friendships when involved in an abusive relationship can be jeopardized
  • The light in your soul will dim and be jeopardized
  • The relationship with your parents
  • Your childrens’ well-being
  • Your safety
  • Your happiness
  • Your emotional and financial well-being
  • You can jeopardize your rights with your children if you engage with an abuser.  They will do anything to control you and ruin you
  • Your role as a Mother is jeopardized when they lie and call Child Protective Services
  • Your integrity as they mingle and confuse your reality with theirs to a judge. Remember, they have an odd, distorted view and the capability of building up their army.  They love the control the court gives them and they lie to see their needs met.
  • Your life. I went to school with a woman whose life was cut short by her abuser.

So how do you remove yourself from harm’s way?  In NYS if you need to qualify for Social Services to get out, you can ask (they should ask but don’t always ask) to get referred to Domestic Violence Liason. The people who work for the DSS as DVLs are trained and will also get you waived from some of the requirements to get SNAP and benefits.  It is their belief that filing some of the paperwork involved in receiving DSS could result in a dangerous situation for you jeopardizing your health and or life.

I cannot speak for the states I am not in but I would check on your local website to see if they offer the same kind of help to those who are victims of Domestic Violence.

It’s a hard road.  I won’t lie.  But get out!  Don’t let your abuser jeopardize your life or that of your children’s.  Keep making calls, keep reaching out for help.  File those police reports.  Get a restraining order.  Do what you need to do to keep yourself and your children safe and step by step get yourself to a place where no one can jeopardize your peace of mind or your future.

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