A  lot of people think being fierce is being aggressive and being ferociously intense, like a tiger ready to pounce with claws out and teeth bared.  They think of a woman who is dressed to the “t” with red lipstick, manicured talons, heels, standing at the ready to take on whoever crosses her.  Both of those images can be Fierce but for me, fierce is being full of grace during an ugly struggle.  Holding your head high and not beating your chest.  You can be a force to be reckoned with by not playing all your cards in an emotional game.  By holding your hand close and watching, waiting, much like a tiger hunts.  Slow, steady.  Planning her next move as she watches and waits to make her move.  It’s you being one step ahead but no one is aware of the surroundings but you because you are taking them in, waiting for your time to pounce.  Remember, a narcissist is always in conflict.  There is no real planning.  Just the need to hurt you emotionally, physically or financially.  It drives them.  If you allow yourself to fill with emotion, you become emotional.  You need to sit back, watch and wait to lay your cards on the table.  To go in for the kill so to speak.
You need to watch your abuser like an opponent against a prize fighter who lands that one good punch. BAM!  When the timing is right, you gracefully, slowly, carefully lay your cards on the table.  You have a winning hand!  NOW YOUR FIERCE!
You  know what else makes you fierce?  Moving on.  Paying it forward once you’re out of the grip of your abuser.  Listening and letting others know they are not alone but ultimately, being fierce is writing a new chapter for your book of life because your abuser is no longer writing them!

Be fierce! Rewrite your history!




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