My kids and I live on the poverty line, even with child support we scrape by.  Lately, when asking for money that is owed to me, I get the response that I need to wait because I am kicking him in the teeth everyday with my blog.  He doesn’t say it’s not true.  He doesn’t apologize and ask if we can talk.  He just turns himself into the victim.

What he fails to think about is that this financial withholding is not new to me.  It has nothing to do with the blog.  And when he focuses on himself as a victim, the children lose once again with his need for financial control over us.

It no longer phases me.  I have no desperate need to prove myself and make him see how his actions affect our kids.  Instead, I give thanks to the man who wants them to know they don’t need to be punished.  They did nothing wrong.  He’s a wonderful father to his own kids and he is kind and loving to mine.

Once you stop trying to make someone understand who is incapable and unwilling, you have free time to be thankful for what you do have.  I know that I am blessed.  He can’t chain me down with financial abuse anymore.  I’ve broken free.

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