• Waiting for the narcissist’s approval
  • Waiting for the shoe to drop
  • Waiting for the verbal explosion
  • Waiting for the love bombing to end
  • Waiting for the insults to start
  • Waiting to have that conversation you need to have but you know won’t end well
  • Waiting to be demeaned
  • Waiting for them to see the error of their ways
  • Waiting for the silent treatment to end
  • Waiting for the abuse to stop
  • Waiting for the narcissist to stop involving the children
  • Waiting to premiere the love in your life because you don’t want the narcissist in your business
  • Waiting for the games to stop
  • Waiting for your life to begin while the narcissist continues to wreck havoc in your life and seems to have moved on not waiting at all.

STOP! Stop waiting.  It is never going to change.  The narcissist may have someone new but they rarely are as emotionally invested with them as they were with you.  They were simply lined up to meet their narcissistic needs.  Remember, your life was a lie.  Walk away from the future-fakery, bullshit and control.  You’ve spent your life in a holding pattern long enough! Stop waiting for them to fail, hit bottom or die. Life is too short to allow that any more access or control in your life.

Remember they never help anyone but themselves. Your life must come first now. You have gifts and talents to share that the narcissist most likely snuffed out.

Play “FEMA” with yourself. Renew and rebuild yourself. You are entitled to happiness and you are deserving of all life has to offer.


2 thoughts on “WAITING…

  1. I waited, & waited & waited and I almost died while I waited. While I was nearly dead he had moved out to his new life. I wished I had not wasted so much of my life adapting to his bad behavior. They won’t change,.. no amount of love can make them change. I thought if he could see the real me, my loyalty, my honesty & my integrity he would change.,but he didn’t.


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