…to piss me off but once you do, watch out.  I have hit that threshold and the Narcissist knows it!  I’m done being blamed for the games he started and now doesn’t like his rules and wants to change them to suit his needs.  Done paying when I make less money to have him tell me he will only pay half.  Screw you!  It will be my contract for senior pics, and that means no pictures for you.  It is my contract and my pictures.  I paid our first child’s sitting fee, he should pay the second.  He doesn’t want to…oh well.

So take heed.  I have listened, watched and learned.  I got your game down.  You want to play nasty, I got ya.  We can go about this any way you want. You laid the ground work. I spent the past four years really trying to keep us together on parenting and parent together as a unit.  You don’t want that.  You want everything separate.  You can’t even go to a concert and sit as a family, the other child has to choose who to sit with so I sit with friends so he doesn’t have to choose.

Screw you, narcissist. Want senior pics?  SUE ME.  Let me know how it works for you.

Truly, things like this only prove how damn stupid they are.  How so self-involved they can be.  They truly, truly feel that the world revolves around their wants and needs and that they can dictate the way everything goes.  I got told, “I will pay half and that is it.” Ummm… no, you won’t.  You didn’t pay your half last time.  This is MY GIG.  My contract.  I will sign it and pay.  You pay it in full back to me and you can have your pick of any pics you want.  You don’t pay, no pics.

Yeah, Mommas not playing any more.


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