Bat Shit Crazy.  That’s how you feel when the Narcissist starts their contradictory and inconsistent banter and behavior.

You will never understand why they do what they do.  You cannot and will not make sense of the madness.  Just accept it for what it is, and move on!

The emotional abuse can be relentless.  They actually try to drive you crazy-look at my blog gas lighting or look up the definition.

Narcissists cultivate drama and employ a variety of tactics to drive you crazy.  Your saving grace through all of it?  BOUNDARIES.  Set them and move on.  They will try to make you look uncooperative and will play the victim because you have set them.  Maybe they have even apologized.  Remember, most of us get caught up and stay in these relationships because we want to believe the best in other people.  NO!  It’s a trap.  Set those boundaries and L.O.V.E yourself (L) Listen to your intuition (O) Keep your eyes open (V) validate with yourself with your right to set boundaries and (E) empower yourself by doing so.




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