Long story, short. 3 years ago I paid $150.00 sitting fee for my older son to have his Senior pics done.  The newly to be ex at that time swoops in, orders his pics, won’t order a family pack and split it to save money, pays for his pics and leaves.  He never paid his half of the sitting fee to me.

Well, now the youngest is graduating.  I write to him and say, “Will you be paying for M’s sitting fee since I paid for N’s sitting fee.  No, I’ll pay my half and no more.  So, I paid it, had the pics done and  here is my response to that which he didn’t take to very kindly:

The picture contract was signed by me.  I will copy both contracts. You are responsible for full reimbursement of one contract.  Until that time, you will not be able to order pictures under my contract with the photographer.

He writes back. I will pay my half.  I am not going back 3 years and I will do it when I have it.  Keep in mind he still owes me for my son’s Disney trip from 3 years ago.  Never paid his half of that which is $400 and change.  He vacations every year.  We don’t.  The kids only vacation if they go with him and he doesn’t always invite them.  We rarely vacationed as a family.  But he wants to squeeze every bit out of me because he feels he is entitled.

So, this is the way I left it.  The photographer doesn’t have to be in the middle of this.  Her response is going to be, it’s Trinity’s contract, I have to refer you to her.  And my last response to him was, “You pay what you are supposed to or you don’t get senior pics.”  It’s not that I’m a bitch. This would be a non-issue if he would do his part when he’s supposed to do it but it all is so hard because of narcissistic games and control.

How many want to bet he involves the Senior next?  He will definitely call his attorney because he would rather pay him than pay me what he owes me.  And this is where the headshaking comes in.  All you can do is shake your head and know that theirs is a sad existence in a world they have created for themselves and hopefully, you are as far removed as you can be from it.  I thank God every day that I am no longer living it on a daily basis.


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