doorway-sun-2Liminal is an adjective meaning:  of or relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process and occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

It is the perfect word to describe life with a narcissist.  You are constantly on both sides of a boundary or threshold.  Trying to set boundaires and trying not to cross the threshold of anger and abuse.  Balancing your way through life and trying to keep yourself in a constant transitional position.  But it’s hard because you are always off balance. Always walking on egg shells and always confused by their behavior but what if we took the adjective and applied it to ourselves?  ONLY ourselves.  Then we would be in a state of liminal thinking.  Liminal thinking is hte art of creating change by underetanding, shaping and reframing beliefs.  So, what beliefs are stopping you right now from getting out from under your narcissist?  Are they lies he told you to make you believe you were not worthy of another life?  A better life without him in it? You have a choice.  You can continue to live in the world he has created for you or you an start the live the life you are going to create yourself by changing your thinking!

Change is always, always possible no matter who you are.  The word liminal comes from a Latin root that means threshold. Literally a threshold is a doorway. But a threshold is also the beginning of every journey. A threshold is a boundary that marks a point of transition between one state and another.

It’s time to do something different, change your mindset, do not listen to the narcissist and all his or her negativity and start making positive changes in your life.  Change your thinking.  Be mindful of things that can help you create change in your life.

Be present, be mentally healthy, be a positive force in this world for yourself and for others.  Slowly start to change the beliefs that the narcissist has put into your head, and change over the healthy, positive beliefs of yourself.  It is the first step in removing yourself from your situation.  For some it takes a while, for others it flows easily.  Accept your reality both in how long your journey takes you and how worthy you are of more.  Remember, a journey has a threshold.  It has a beginning.  You stand at the threshold and you walk through the door and you are literally living liminally.  All you need to do, is open that door and that all starts with the belief that you are worthy of walking through.  And trust me, you are.  You are strong.  You are beautiful/handsome.  You are lovable.  Turn the handle and step through.  Begin your journey.



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