bookHappy New Year!  Today you start with 365 blank pages.  A chance to write any story you want for the year.  Like any good book, it will have twists and turns but the heroine/hero (you) will prevail because you’re writing it.  You will decide how you will deal with your abuser’s contact, your past, and what lies ahead.  You will be making the decision on how you react.

Make this a year of personal growth and change.  Every day write down a page for your book.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  How you felt, how you dealt, what you accomplished, what made you feel good.  It’s a part of self-recovery and healing.  You can look back to help you move forward but you must not look back and wallow for this is a year of learning and growth.  Next year going into 2018, you can see how far you have come. You can make plans for where you need to continue to work and grow.  It’s a process.  A long one that you need to embrace and allow to unfold.

No one is responsible for your journey and no one can write your life’s story but you unless you let them. I let him for years.  Now, I do my own writing and you know what?  I’m a much better writer!



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