Court Jester = my abuser’s attorney

I apologize for being gone so long but I was dealing with yet another lawsuit filed by my abuser in an attempt to keep me engaged in his life.  Because I was going pro se (representing myself) I had a lot of work to do. I ended up with an 112-page Response to an Order to show Cause.  I’m pretty sure the court jester did not expect me to be that thorough.

I wrote, rewrote, second guessed myself.  I got together Exhibits and made copies.  I laid it all out. It wasn’t perfect but it looked pretty damn good.  I inadvertently left out a page to my Exhibit E which was a letter from my realtor that he wrote in May 2016 but I remembered it in the judge’s copy, realized my mistake and dropped it off the next day to the court jester’s office when I realized what I had done.

I was advised by the judge to not proceed without an attorney but I said, “With all due respect your honor, Plaintiff’s attorney is trying to dismantle his own contract.  He wrote our Divorce Decree.  Because he is an established, seasoned attorney and a good attorney, I believe that his contract will hold it’s own in Court and the Court will find in favor of me because I know he writes good contracts.  I believe there are no gray areas and no loop- holes.  I don’t need an attorney to watch him try to dismantle his own contract.”

So the court jester presented his side and then I presented mine and then he got up and spoke again and then I countered.  He lied and twisted the truth for his client. I told the truth.  He picked apart my Response twisting the truth to try to form it into his truth but he failed.

The only thing I was upset about is him picking apart my “hoarding”.  That type of behavior and it was nowhere near the show although he tried to make it like the show, is a result of being abused.  It is a form of OCD and a coping mechanism. I’ve written about it in this blog.  How they can go hand in hand.  It’s a hard subject for me because I am a different person now.  I know how the abuse affected me.  I know where I failed. I was sinking and I could not get my head above water.  I was abused, overwhelmed and desperate to keep my kids safe. I walked a tightrope and lived within an environment most people could not survive. Many counselors told me there are not many people who could live through what I went through and keep going the way I did. So, the downfall was some weird fragmented thing that happened to me.  I could not think.  I could not function when it came to the house. Important things like records and the kid’s school stuff were organized but other things like laundry were not.  It was washed but not always put away.  The house was clean but there was a magazine pile, a towel pile, a knitting pile, Good Will off in another pile…I hated it but I also could not tackle it.  It was daunting to me.  I was unable to wrap my brain around what to do first. I was overwhelmed.  Some of it was fear of it not being right when my abuser got home.  So, I see it as a disability.  A disability that I was always striving to overcome and it wasn’t until I moved and got away from a house of pain and abuse that I was able to do that.  Needless to say, when the court jester started in on that, it did bother me but I didn’t let him see it!

So, what happened today?  This lowly housewife, (that’s what the devil and his court jester think) took on the big, bad wolf of law and I won!  I won my full equity.  Plaintiff (the devil) was in Breach of contract!  That was my whole point during this whole lawsuit.  So yeah I don’t need an attorney because the court jester is a good attorney.   Guess it didn’t work out so well for him.  He loses if he finds the loopholes in his contract because it means he is not as great as he thinks he is and loses if he doesn’t because it means I win.  Who is laughing now?  I am!  Because even though they are filing an appeal, he was unable to quell his anger in court.  He was shocked and dismayed and even if the appellate court rules in his favor, I still beat him in Supreme Court.  I win, no matter what because once I am paid whatever the Appellate Court decides, I no longer have to deal with the devil and his court jester.






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