Postscript to the devil and his court jester

Even though this whole lawsuit is based on the court jester’s contract and the contract is holding its weight in court, I’m not dumb.  In my Answer, I put comparables for houses.  They were not needed, but I did it anyway.  What I am holding on to is an appraisal done in May 2016 by a licensed real estate appraiser that reads more than what the matrimony appraisal does.  What I have are witnesses who have been in that house before the devil left and after.  More importantly, the boys, although I do not want them involved, at 17 and 20 are willing to step up and let everyone know the truth including the Court.  I know my truth so I don’t care what is said about me.  If I have to, I can bring my counselor in to explain the correlation between the abuse and the house and I would never ask my children to lie.

Narcissists don’t like to lose and neither do their narcissistic attorneys.  The Narcissist would rather spend more money on his attorney to lose again, which is more probable than him winning than to just concede and move forward in his life.

The Narc is love bombing the boys now.  Won’t pay for his portion of his son’s senior pics, would rather not have a senior picture of our son but will take them to movies etc…things they have been asking to do, now he will do.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, I’ll be writing about things other than this one man’s last-ditch effort to hang on to me. Gawd, I feel so popular to receive all this attention from him and his attorney!

What I find funny is they never made another offer.  They were so insistent that the numbers were correct and the conditions of the contract could be disputed that they never even tried to negotiate with me.  How blinded by narcissism do you have to be, to think that you can dispute your own contract?  He is trying to dismantle his own contract!  Who does that?  Who stands in front of the Court making up shit to counter their own contract?  This whole thing could have been avoided if the contract had read and a new non-biased realtor shall perform another appraisal and that appraisal if need be, will be what the equity is based on.  That way, if the appraisal went down in monetary value, the Narcissist would have been protected but again, I am the only one who had an appraisal done and the value, due to the market went up a few thousand.  I’m sitting on that if needed for Appellate Court.

Again, win or lose in the appellate court, I’ve already won so all I need to do is sit back and let it all happen and watch the Narc pay for the other Narcs vacation this year.  Even if the appellate court rules in the Narc’s behalf, it will be over.

Anyway, we will be talking about other things until this is decided.  At this time, I would like to say hello to the trolls from the attorney’s office who troll my page.  This post if anything proves I have nothing to hide.  It also proves that I am prepared for any outcome because no matter what you personally believe in spiritually, I believe and trust in God’s will for me.  I also believe that the universe will begin to produce both Narcs own personal Karmic Shitstorm when the time is ready and that their towers will fall.


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