“NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM!”  See the source image

  • Your 19-year-old son doesn’t want to spend time with you or call you back?  Not my fucking problem.  Don’t text or call me about it.
  • Your girlfriend read my blog about your abuse and you don’t want to lose her?  Not my fucking problem.  You shouldn’t have treated me in a way you have to try to hide it.
  • You can’t read the emails that tell you I will be at the Homecoming game at our son’s college?  Not my fucking problem.  It was nice meeting your girlfriend though.
  • The TAP financial aid hasn’t posted on the Syracuse University Bill for tuition? You had to control all that and not let me know what was going on, therefore, it is not my fucking problem.
  • You don’t like that I bought a new car?  Not my fucking problem.  I don’t owe you any explanations as to how and why I bought one.
  • Your 22-year-old doesn’t tell you everything he tells me?  You know the answer.  NMFP

One thing I have learned from divorcing my abuser is that they will still try to abuse from the sidelines of your life and it took me a while and some encouragement from the love in my life to be able to say, whatever you have to complain about, or control or try to make me feel bad about is not my fucking problem!  It never was and especially now, it never will be again!

Let go of whatever they are trying to keep you sucked into their lives and be free.  Next time your ex-narc has something to say, think in your head…Not my fucking problem and walk away from whatever it is they are trying to lay on your shoulders!


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