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 My thought for this morning. Living in happiness.  What does it mean?

 It does not mean you are never sad or ignore your problems at hand.  It does not mean you live in a sunshine state of mind all the time where unicorns frolic and mermaids happily swim while fairies’ flit about drinking honey nectar out of flower cups and all is right with the world.

It means that you have your moments, but you know, even though you may be sad or scared or worried that it will get better.  It means you help yourself to the best of your ability and even though it may not be perfect, you know you are doing the best you can right now.

 It means while your mind is racing, and fear is a swelling in your in your chest that you can still pick out the good, recognize it and accept that this moment is about you and your fears and not anyone or anything else.  You know that you can work through it by focusing on the positive and letting go of those fears and you let go of those fears knowing that some things are just out of your control and you must trust the journeyyou are on and the process it takes to get there.  If you are doing your best, there is nothing else that can be done.

And sometimes it means you work through this on your own and other and other times it means you reach out to a trusted friend because saying it outloud or writing it can help you move into your happiness that much quicker.

Ultimately, it is about allowing yourself to be human.  I don’t expect myself to be perfect.  I always expect myself to do my best and allowmyself the room not to be able to give my best some days. I live in a pure ofheart way.  To me that means I never setout to hurt or harm anyone with my actions or words.  I accept that a gesture may be taken wrong orwords may be said that hurt but I never intentionally set out to do harm.  This is a huge step from when I was younger because I can verbally drop a person to their knees.  I am quick witted and because I am sensitiveto people, I can pick out almost anyone’s soft spot and destroy them.  But I learned quickly that it did not make me feel good to destroy someone because they hurt me and because I could. It mademe happier to make peace with it. To understand that their actions or wordsthat hurt me, wasn’t always about me as a person and move on.

Many people think being confident and happy is about ignoring outside influences and being all about you. It’s quite the opposite, especially when someone is intuitive to the world around them.  It is about putting those influences in their place and moving forward knowing you are doing the best possible version of you that you can today.

Have a great day.

Many blessings.

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