This is what happens to bullies and cowards

What kind of man tries to emancipate his son? And how do you do that knowing that you will forever ruin your relationship with him? Are these abusers so self absorbed that they believe there will be no repercussions for their actions? I am being served while he is on his third vacation this year but his finances have changed. The word loser comes to mind.

Our son works full time and took a year off from school. Our older son took a semester off at about the same age. He took the time off because of his father’s behavior. My younger son makes about the same his brother did when he did this. Not once when my older son was making money did his father ever try to emancipate him. So now, my younger son wants to know why he is less valuable than his older brother.

It’s funny. My younger son said “Dad always gives us this speech about not quitting on responsibilities and not to give up and yet, here he is giving up his responsibility for my care and giving up on me. I took time off from school and he thinks I’m going to make a living making $14,000 a year. I want to stay at this job so that they can help pay for my school. I think that is responsible but by being responsible, I am being punished because without the child support, we will have to move again. That is selfish. That is wrong.” What do you say to your 19 year old? His father is bailing on him. He did emotionally a long time ago and now this. There is nothing I can say.

As my younger son prepares to return to school now that his hiatus is over and he feels confident in his job working with autistic kids, he has one more thing to worry about. A possible move and the pending court dates.

This man will never leave me alone. It has been 7 years and he has frivolously had me in court approximately 7 times. He has kept his threat of keeping me in court and not letting go. He has not stopped abusing me and trying to control every out come. If he becomes unhappy and needs control, he sues. If he can’t think of anything to sue over, he starts issues with me over something. It never ends! I don’t know how his girlfriend puts up with his obsession of keeping his foot in my door!

His weakest point is his lack of integrity. Their reality does not match the rest of the worlds and they are disordered and entitled. Their behavior is based on their huge ego and false realities. When they cannot control you or things do not go their way, they become emotionally derailed. They are bullies and cowards and they hide behind their attorneys, waiting for their outcome.

My narcissist happens to have a narcissistic attorney. Man, talk about challenge. They are cut from the same cloth. Bullies, cowardly and foot stomping babies.

I will be okay. No matter what this asshole throws my way, I always manage to work harder, smarter and make it through and the fact that I have amazing children and a wonderful man in my life certainly helps but I can’t be a Dad. I can only hope that when my life partner and I are finally together, my boys can look up to him as a man of integrity and strength, instead of a bully and a coward like their father. They need to see what a real man acts like and how to treat a woman. I personally, could never respect the man in my life if he treated his children’s Mother the way my ex treats me. I would dump him. But, my guy respects the person he shared his life with for 20 years and the beautiful children they have together. He would never dream of not paying her what he is legally bound to pay. He has integrity.

Narcissists can be brutal to deal with and they never let go but you know what? I’m a Goddamn warrior and he is just not worth my time any more. As his children say, “He is setting himself up to be a very lonely old man.”

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